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Change All Subjects

Downloaded 0 times - Free Subscribe

Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC2 and later; 1.1.x

This modification adds an option to change the subjects of all messages in a topic. When the first message of a topic is being modified by a member that has suitable permissions, a checkbox for enabling the feature appears under the Additional Options.

It makes the subject of all replies equal to the first message's subject while preserving the response prefix.

! Undefined errors in the log

! All errors should be fixed now
Fixed permissions bug where checkbox would not appear with the correct permission set
+ Added 2.0 RC1 and 2 support
+ Added permissions
+ Initial Release

Relative Dates

Downloaded 3 times - Free Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0 RC2 and later; 1.1.x

This mod, when enabled, converts the usual date displays for posts with a relative one, such as 2 minutes ago, 7 hours ago, etc.

It isn't on by default; setting is in AdminCP => Features and Options => Layout.

Paid Mods (18 packages)

Anonymous Boards

Downloaded 5 times - $20 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0 RC3 and later

This mod enables members to post anonymously in boards designated by the administrator. This rule can be relaxed for admins when using the full posting screen by unchecking the designated box in the additional options.

However, the notice for the last edit still shows the member's name. If this becomes a problem, don't edit the post!

1.1.1 - 11 March 2011
! Error when trying to view the topic which was posted anonymously with post moderation on - SMF thinks the actual poster did *not* post it, as strange as it sounds. And in case you're wondering, this "glitch"  won't be "fixed" because it's really normal behaviour and would require rewriting much of SMF's core functionality otherwise. Oh, and the checkbox is staying, too, to avoid an unnecessary and potentially illogical template edit.

1.1 - 10 March 2011
+ Anyone can choose to show their poster info when making a new post in an anonymous section
! Minor type that didn't adversely affect anything on the user's side
! All postings in all boards got anonomised regardless of whether the setting was enabled or not

1.0 - 3rd February 2012
+ Initial release

Antibumper and Auto Merger

Downloaded 4 times - $20.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0.x

This mod provides options for administrators to manage users who 'bump' their posts - by replying to themselves to get attention. Most notably this could be used in a support type forum where a 24 hour 'no bumping' rule exists, and used to actually enforce the rule.

Administrators can configure the following behaviours:
  • No action
  • Disable double posting entirely
  • Disable double posting for 24 hours
  • Automatically merge double posts
The rules can be enforced, or relaxed, for forum administrators though.

Note that the above can be configured either globally, or per-board.

It removes Quick Reply if a bump is not allowed, but does NOT remove the 'Reply' buttons, this is intentional and is set up to facilitate users receiving the error message, rather than asking (repeatedly) "Why can't I reply?"

This mod makes a number of complex changes under the hood. Mods that interact with the posting system may not function with it enabled, though have not been tested. Mods that may foul up with this, though this is by no means definitive or guaranteed, or tested:
  • AJAX Instant Quick Reply - Does not properly merge the post
  • Anonymous Boards - May merge anonymous posts made by different people and anonymity may not be properly kept

1.1.1 - 14th June 2011
! Mark only the merged message as unread, not the whole topic

1.1 - 20th Feb 2011
+ If a double post is found in a topic, offer a button to merge both posts together.

1.0.2 - 15th January 2011
+ Mark the merged message unread for everyone other than the poster.

1.0.1 - 13th August 2010
! Fixed where assumption made that last post would be examined; there are multiple cases it would not be, validly. Just remove old version and install new :)

1.0 - 6th August 2010
+ First public release

Approve Post

Downloaded 3 times - $30.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 1.1.x

This mod allows you to choose which boards you would like to put on moderation. Users who wish to post in the relevant boards will receive a warning message that their message must be approved prior to being actually posted and displayed.

Administrators, global moderators, and local board moderators are exempt from this because the same can see and approve the posts.

SMF 2 has this feature built in so this mod won't be needed for said branch.

Attachment Center

Downloaded 17 times - $20.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0 and later

Attachment Center is a mod for SMF that adds a section to your forum which contains all the attachments members have posted. It splits the list into several categories: all, documents, pictures, music, and video.

The latter three categories include small samplings of the attachments. Pictures have a small thumbnail just like in regular topic displays; videos and music have Flash previews.

A permissions system  is also included, so unapproved attachments display just like in their respective threads: if you have approver access, you see them; if you posted it, you see it as well. Anybody else cannot. So there is a lot of inherited functionality from the heart of SMF.

Attachment MP3 Player

Downloaded 7 times - $20 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0 RC4 and newer

This mod adds the ability to play an attached MP3 file directly from the attachment display in a thread by inserting a Flash based player for the file.

The player is courtesy of and redistributed in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.

Future versions of the mod will likely support <audio> tags once they are more widely adopted and support MP3 - right now, only Webkit based browsers seem to support <audio> for MP3; IE 8 does not support <audio> at all, Firefox (even 4.0 betas) don't seem to support MP3 in <audio> (just Ogg Vorbis and Wave files) and so for general use a Flash component is necessary.

The colour scheme is customisable from the admin panel; you are redirected there on install. You can pick the colours for the following items:
* the background (where the corners blend into the post itself)
* the top part of the gradient
* the bottom part of the gradient

You can also configure the size of the player widget. The default options use the same default width as SMF thumbnails (150px), same default height at the player (20px) and the Curve colour scheme gradient.

Future versions may provide all of the configuration options afforded by the Flash widget, including specifying sizes of buttons and the colours therein.

View in thread, against another attachment:

1.0.1 - 19th August 2010
! Added some additional options to existing checks to make sure output compression is turned off (some configurations, this prevents the slider from working properly)

1.0 - 19th August 2010
+ First release

Custom Field Permissions

Downloaded 4 times - $20.00 USD Subscribe

2.0 - 4 March 2011
+ Each custom field now has its own permission
! Logic error: Function quit when a certain field could not be displayed, adversely hiding all fields below it

Daily Post Limit

Downloaded 7 times - $10.00 USD Subscribe

This mod enables the admin to set a limit on the number of posts a member may make in a day. The counter resets at midnight according to the member's time offset.

The forum admin can set the limit by editing the user's profile.

Below is a screenshot of the extra input field in the profile:

In this example, the limit is 1. Once they attempt to submit a new post after he imposed limit is reached, an error is sent and the posting process is halted.


Downloaded 0 times - $10 Subscribe

This tool allows you to enable some internal debugging options in SMF, notably managing the raw query low, ability to enable errors in situ.

It also includes the ability to attempt to split errors out by category based on known mods; this is most effective when template evaluation is disabled. Mods that are normally supported:
  • Aeva Media
  • AJAX Chat Integration
  • Download System
  • EzPortal
  • nneonneo's Shoutbox
  • PortaMX
  • Pretty URLs
  • Project Tools
  • SimpleDesk
  • SimplePortal
  • SMF Gallery Lite/Pro
  • SMF Links
  • SMF Wiki
  • TinyPortal

Shown are error log categories. The last two have been detected as coming from mods.

The detection of mods is not retroactive. That means, it won't go back and figure out where existing errors are. It won't make them go away, either.

All it does is look at *new* errors and attempts to classify them in an attempt to help figure out where they are, and focus on the more critical ones.

Detection is not 100% certain, but is a 'best guess'; it is not always possible to say with algorithmic logic whether a particular issue relates to a particular mod or not.

For developers
This mod includes two hooks for adding more filtering options to error logging.
  • integrate_error_log_include - includes a file for the purpose of extending the logging options. Accepted variables:
    • $boarddir
    • $sourcedir
    • $themedir

  • integrate_error_log_known_mods - passes $known_mods, winch is an array. The format of your array should be thus:
    $known_mods += array(
    'aeva' => array(
    'txt' => 'Aeva Media',
    'filename_rules' => array('Aeva'),
    'error_rules' => array('aeva''Aeva'),


1.1 - 1st June 2012
+ Completely rewrote the array to make extending as easy as possible
+ Added support for three more mods: Dream Portal, Annoy User, and Post Ratings

1.0 - 3rd August 2010
+ Ability to enable SMF enhanced debugging
+ Ability to detect errors in different mods

Default Board Redirect

Downloaded 1 time - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0 RC5 and later

This mod changes the default redirection from the board index to a specific board.
  • Admin can choose whether to turn the mod on or off
  • Admin can choose a specific category for members to pick their board to redirect to; all categories is an option too
  • Admin can choose which board to redirect to for members who haven't chosen one themselves
  • Login redirection fix; redirects to the correct board after members log in
  • Portal compatibility: will not interfere with a portal's homepage
  • No file edits

The no file edits will
  • Reduce support dramatically. No more mod conflicts with code changed or missing! Jackpot - portable mods make everyone happy.
  • Eliminate language conflicts. SMF can revert to the English if the selected language is missing the required file. It doesn't do so for missing $txt entries, which brings heartburn to the international community.
  • Mod stays installed even after a large upgrade. Now that's durability! Because the integration hooks being used are stored in SMF's settings table, they are retained by the upgrader since it doesn't really destroy the settings the admin has pored hours into.
There's a bug in SMF 2.0 RC5 that prevents the admin settings section from showing up. However, it'll be fixed once final debuts and is simply a matter of moving one line of code to fix.
Code: (Find in ./Sources/ManageSetttings.php) [Select]
call_integration_hook('integrate_modify_modifications', array(&$subActions, &$context[$context['admin_menu_name']]['tab_data']['tabs']));
That line needs moved to the whitespace above
Code: [Select]
loadGeneralSettingParameters($subActions, 'general');

Google Multi Map

Downloaded 0 times - $25.00 Subscribe

Compatible with: 2.0
This mod installs a map to your website where your users can place map push pins. It uses Google Maps API to make the map and put pins on the map.

Settings can be found in Admin > Configuration > Modification Settings > Map.

Lastly, this mod uses hooks and no file edits.

Some screenshots of this mod in action:

The map: Click anywhere to place a pin; right-click to remove it

Permission setting

Admin area: Configure categorizes for your pins: make as many as you want!


1.0 - 23rd Aug 2014
Initial release

Like This Post

Downloaded 2 times - $30.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC3 and later

Allows your members to click a link to like a post. You have the option to enable or disable this feature for each board.

Some screenshots of the mod:

A list of twelve members who like the post with 13 others

The link to like a post

The board setting

Members Center

Downloaded 0 times - $35 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: SMF 2.0.x

This mod adds a new area, à la xenForo, which is a centralized place to show your members. It is meant to replace the memberlist entirely, although the admin memberlist stays intact. SMF 1.1.x support will be forthcoming.

Also, it sports an area which shows who's online.

Passworded Boards

Downloaded 1 time - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with SMF 2.0 RC4 and later

After this mod is installed, password fields become available when you modify boards. Fill them to protect your boards with a password. Leave them blank to not require one.

The password is encrypted using the secure hash algorithm (SHA1).

The following areas are not affected by this mod:
  • The unread topic lists
  • All SSI functions
  • Post previews

Some screenshots of the mod in action:

Attempting to view an attachment posted inside a protected board

The new password fields as seen when you modify or add a board

Showing the posts of a user

Password prompt when the user wants to view a protected board or a topic from within a protected board

Viewing a list of all the recent posts made in the entire forum

Pay per Post

Downloaded 1 time - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: 2.0 RC4 and later

This mod extends the paid subscriptions feature in SMF by ending the subscription once the topic is made.

The Paid Subscription module can be utilized for signing up to pay. Once the subscription is active, the member can have an additional group assigned him. The subscription would silently end once they make a new topic.

Board permissions on that specific board should be set up so that regular members cannot post a new topic while the paid group can.

When you modify a board, a new input box is shown where the subscription ID can be placed. The subscription ID can be found by editing the desired subscription and copying the number that appears in the URL after ;sid=

1.0 - 28th March 2011
+ Initial release

PM Auto Respond

Downloaded 0 times - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: 2.0

This mod is something similar to a vacation responder in that it sends a PM to a user who sent a PM. The message and subject are customisable, so the auto PM can be totally unique.

It is based on permissions, so under membergroup permissions, a new entry is added to the centralized permissions management area under the category "Contact members using the personal messaging system" called "Automatically respond to incoming PMs".

Depending on certain criteria found in the incoming message, you can create different variations for auto response. This feature is very similar in nature to the PM Rules in SMF 2.

The choices of criteria are:
  • Sender's name
  • Sender's membergroup (will also work on additional groups)
  • Sender is a buddy
  • Message subject contains keyphrase
  • Message body contains specified phrase

Lastly, this mod uses hooks and no file edits.

Some screenshots of this mod in action:

Permission setting

Profile options: this is where the user can configure their auto reply options.

Adding a new filter: Use different responders depending on what gets sent to you!

1.1 - 5th Aug 2011
+ Added filtering options
! Some bug fixes, misnamed variables

1.0 - 18th July 2011
Initial release

Topic Fields

Downloaded 0 times - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: 2.0 RC3 and later

Topic fields lets you use custom fields in messages.

To add a field, go to the same area you would for custom profile fields (Admin > Features and Options > Profile Fields). If you don't see that option, it needs enabled in Core Features (remember to click Save!!).

Some things to note while doing this: Under Profile Section, choose Topic. The privacy settings don't really work; the first option enables the field for everyone who can post; all others limit it to admins only.

Topic view with a field embedded inside a message:

Custom field input in the posting area:

Topic Notifications by PM

Downloaded 3 times - $10.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with 2.0 RC3 and later

This mod changes all topic notifications to be sent as personal messages rather than by email.

User Menu

Downloaded 5 times - $5.00 USD Subscribe

Compatible with: 2.0 RC4 and later

This mod creates a user menu in a poster's information block while viewing a thread. I may add more menu items to this over time.

What it looks like in action - montage of Curve in Firefox, Curve in IE8, Happy Holidays in Firefox, Modern Dark32, and Mystic Jade (yes, it works seamlessly on all the themes I could find)

There are absolutely no theme edits here, and the way it's implemented, it should work reasonably well on any theme.

This is a mod I started months and months ago, and always wanted to do in a themeless way, which while possible prior to 2.0 RC3, was much harder to do than how I've done it, using a feature introduced in 2.0 RC3.

For developers
This mod includes two hooks for adding more filtering options to error logging.
  • integrate_user_menu_include - includes a file for the purpose of extending the logging options. Accepted variables:
    • $boarddir
    • $sourcedir
    • $themedir

  • integrate_user_menu_items - passes five variables:
    • (array) $menu - all the menu items
    • (bool) $can_pm - permission to send PMs
    • (bool) $profile_own - permission to view their own profile
    • (bool) $profile_any - permission to view annyone else's profile
    • (bool) $buddy - permission to add/remove buddies

1.1 - 10th June 2012
+ Moved the code to an external file, in the spirit of hooks
+ Changed menu display logic to be once per user instead of per message
+ Added two new hooks, as documented above
- Because of the added hooks, support for SMF 2.0 RC3 has been dropped
! Moved language strings to external file, to help with internationalization

1.0.2 - 30 December 2011
+ Tweaked layout via CSS to look better

1.0.1 - 17th August 2010
+ Added website link to menu too
+ Full English and English British language strings

1.0 - 5th August 2010
+ First public release